About Us

Makeover Designs is an award winning Graphics and Stationery Design Company supplying business design, social design, and print services to SME’s, Independent Fashion Houses and Not For Profit Organisations.

We work closely with our clients to provide a portfolio of tailored design services including brand identity design and development, marketing collateral design, illustration and new media. Uniquely, we also offer a contemporary touch to satisfy our clients through the distinctive services of a watercolorist, photographer and illustrator when required

Environmentally Friendly Print Solutions
Makeover Designs is an eco-friendly company and have print and print finishing capacity of SRA3 in-house. Critically, we have acquired a bolt-on franchise of an environmentally friendly ISO accredited B1 print production facility from a company with a similar business ethos. We are able to provide both short and long run time critical jobs as well as handle data securely for your digital print management needs.